Still Alive

Yep, believe it or not.

I need to get on the stick and write about some anime. Watched a little last night — Masamune-kun’s Revenge (thumbs up), and Fate/Grand Order (thumbs down).

Short reviews: Revenge is not fall-down, side-splitting funny, but it is cute and has it’s fair share of laughs. I followed the manga until the trip to France

, at which point the fake piggy got annoying. It appears he she, actually will appear in the series, which might mean a two-cour run.

Fate/Grand Order was an insult to a grand franchise. Based on the smart-phone game, it no engaging characters, gripping villains, sense of drama, or much continuity with the original Fate/Stay Night story. Story-telling was very indifferent. One thing; it was either a triple-length first episode or an OVA — the run time was better than 72 minutes.

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