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Sword Art Online, Reflections from ep. 17

I started to type this as a brief comment over at Brickmuppet’s place, but there’s a minor glitch in which it thinks I’m banned. It’s happened before; not worth bothering Pixy about. And then I got wordy…. Suffice to say, … Continue reading

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So, now that 5 of the 6 episodes are out, I finally got around to watching it on Crunchy. And unless this series utterly fubars the last episode, it’s going to get a B+ from me. Even if the ending … Continue reading

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A Few Reasons to Watch Sacred Seven

It wasn’t a deathly serious series, but it wasn’t mecha, like I thought. It also had good reasons to watch it. Bear in mind that in that last picture, the “rifle” (really a 20mm cannon) is resting on the hood … Continue reading

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Two more to go

So, I read on ANN that Crunchyroll was premiering three new series today. I have to say, for $10 a month, it’s a helluva deal. Of course, it hasn’t always got the best selection, but there’s plenty of it. Given … Continue reading

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Linebarrels of Silliness

Oh well, it was Gonzo, I wasn’t exactly expecting Shakespeare. Continue reading

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Not doing much anime-related, except continuing the GXP discussion with Steven here. Chatted a bit with Dr. Heinous. Seems he’s gotten into the Crunchyroll thing — after he finished Last Exile, he watched Tower of Druaga (1st and 2nd series … Continue reading

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