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Yosuga no Sora, the ending

Well, YnS finally has run its last, and we definitely got the trainwreck, nobody-lives-happily-ever-afterward ending. It’s not “Nice Boat” but it’s sure as hell not rainbows and unicorns, either. However, there are some serious disputes on various blogs over exactly … Continue reading

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Just How Nice are Catgirls, Anyway?

As I said before, the only black mark on the Catheans’ record seems to be their reaction to early Catheanoid assistaroids. So we know that they’re not angels. They seem to have shared very little information on themselves, as opposed to how much they’ve gathered on humans, but I don’t think it’s inimical in any way, we just haven’t seen it because mass data dumps are inherently boring. Most importantly for Earth, given their obvious disdain for the underhanded Doggies, technological prowess, and generally “nice” traits, I suspect they will be formidable diplomatic opponents to the Doggies in the long run. Continue reading

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Demon King Heraldry?

I was just rewatching episode 9 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, when I noticed something. When the three part-demonic guys go to assassinate Keina, a blood-spattered badge gets shown briefly. Then it gets shown again, but not as the badge, … Continue reading

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Railgun Sneakiness?

I watched the Railgun omake last night, which is kind of funny, especially when Mikoto starts acting out of character. They reused a lot of shots from the show, but changed up the dialog. Dr. Heinous writes that he noticed … Continue reading

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Sorry, but I had to…

write a fifth post about railgun, just to include this link. Bottom of second and middle of the third pages FTW.

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Railgun x 24?

ANN now claims Railgun is a 24 episode series, though they have only air dates for the last ten. Raws of ep. 14 are out, but the Nyaatorrent link was bad when I tried it. Not that I understand enough … Continue reading

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And Yet Again, More Railgun/Index Physics

Steven posted his promised discussion about the physics of Touma’s Imagine Breaker power over at Chizumatic. It’s very spoiler-filled, as is my response below. It started as a comment, but just kept going. I don’t know how to characterize it; … Continue reading

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