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Much is Explained

Now we know why the plot in the first half of Code Geass R2 felt like a re-hash of the first season: The director was screwed when Sunrise and the network moved it to 6pm Sundays, which meant that the … Continue reading

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Still Alive

Even if I’m not feeling very well. Still, while I’m waiting on the first two shows of the new year to download, I’ve managed to get my 2007 “worst” list finished. Now all I’ve got to do is get, prep, … Continue reading

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Goyshuso-sama Train Wreck?

It’s been suggested by folks who may have seen the raws that the ending of Goyshuso-sama Ninomiya-kun is going to a train wreck. I can’t say as I’m surprised by that at all; while I may have voted for “Who … Continue reading

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Fall Season, 2007

Well, Steven just posted a link to someone who was crazy enough to run down all 42 new animés for this fall. It looks like things might be picking up from what’s been a lackluster spring and summer. Nothing’s really … Continue reading

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Nothing Much Ado

Well, I’m not going to get into the details, but the really, really bad news I got a month ago has turned out to be only mostly really bad, so I can be thankful for that much, at least. Best … Continue reading

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A Conversation That Never Happened

Steven made a comparison between Shingu and Evangelion today. On the face of it, that’s rather absurd; Evangelion is considered an iconic series, often even by those who hate it–because it is iconic. Shingu is relatively unknown. In fact, had … Continue reading

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Animé: Why I Like It (and What I Like)

(Note: Steven’s comment about giving away endings isn’t fully correct. Major spoilers are blacked out, but he forgot he has local rules in place to override my font settings. I’ve found a spoiler tag plug-in for WP and will install … Continue reading

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