Metro stopped bus and train service, unsurprisingly. Harris County Toll Road Authority has waived all tolls until further notice. This would matter more if anyone could USE the toll roads.

List of roads with high water (get your scroll wheel ready):

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Never Wish For Something

You just might get it. Well, the press has real stuff to report on now…

A lot different from yesterday

Going to catch up on the overnight news and see what’s underwater. More later,

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Under the Gun

1 hour rainfall total, per NOAA radar. FYI, I’m located about the “u” in “Houston”

If they're rain bands, why isn't their training more musical?

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Tornado warning

From radar, headed right into my area. 3 inches of rain in the last hour. Things are getting real now. Greens Bayou (my main concern) has flood warnings upstream. the rain is moving up the watershed, making for the exact scenario I discussed yesterday== by the time it gets down here, there’s no where for it to go.

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I don’t know if it’s my computer, my connection, or the load on various sites, but I’m starting to have trouble getting the Harris County Flood Control District and Weather.com to load.

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Now This is A Bit More Like It

Well, it stopped strafing to either side...

Note that this is the ONE hour rainfall totals through southwest Houston.

If only Harvey had stayed an invisible rabbit...

I mean, I’m not wishing anyone harm or distress, but this has been much ado about nothing in my area. I got tired of the media obsessing over ONE tornado, ONE death, ONE damaged house, ONE damaged truck, ONE wrecked business. Reminded me of Ike, where all the different TV reporters would stand in front of the Balinese Ballroom in Galveston. It was the only debris pile they could get to, and the anchors almost sounded desperate to find mass destruction to put on the air.

God, I wish I could get Houblog back up to link those posts, and you could see the difference in the tension.

Anyway, I’ve got lightning and thunder approaching, and something resembling a bad weather event. And who knows what the next four days will bring? Count my blessings dammit; I’ve always known (since a little incident in my college days) that the media is NOT one of those.

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That Sounds Good, But

99.35% of your customers in power sounds really great, until you realize that with a customer base the size of Houston, that means, 15000+ are without power….

A little piece here, a little piece there... a piece of Houston, perchance...

Bonus points if you can name the movie I’m misquoting. Hint: They’re lyrics, and substitute three European countries to correct the quote.

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