Ouch. Order in…

It’s been bugging me, how far behind I am on my obligation buys, now that the licensing logjam’s broken. So, an order, even though I’d rather not have put one in, just yet:

Code Geass, part #3 (vol. 5 and 6).
Nanoha, Nanoha A. The latter wasn’t an obligation buy, but it’s my sole treat, a series I haven’t seen.
Familiar of Zero Really should be in the “reject until super cheap” pile with Otoboku and Buso Renkin, but I didn’t want to end up excusing myself until I missed them all. Smart thing would have been to buy Buso Renkin, since I never watched the end of it, but I didn’t for two reasons — one, that would have seemed like cheating; two, it really ticked me off when it jumped the shark, and The Regiment had its own navy. Hard to believe your organization is fighting a shadow war when it can whistle up an entire light task force.

I failed to pay attention and get the super-saver shipping, so I also paid another $17 for priority mail. Bah.

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3 Responses to Ouch. Order in…

  1. These days Bob’s best deal on shipping is Fedex 2nd Day, which is flat rate $17.

    I think you’ll like Nanoha A’s. It’s a lot better than the first series, and the ending is better. I just finished rewatching it, and it’s still good.

  2. Owen S says:

    Re: Nanoha A’s, I wonder if the R1 DVDs have a semblance of HAPPIEST TOME IN THE WORLD in the subs. Probably not.

  3. AvatarADV says:

    Not that I recall. I try not to get too cute. I did have fun with the “you devil” line, though…

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