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General discussion (not specifically a review) of a series not available yet in Region 1, but subtitled by fans and released on the internet.

Maria + Holic: The OP

Well, I finally got a search string to cough up Hanaji, the OP to Maria + Holic. I also note that Jason LOVED this show, blessing it with a post of epic length. And yes, Jason’s changed site names again. … Continue reading

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Winter 2009, the Randomosity.

So, I’m back from my trip. I tacked on a couple of extra days detouring to meet up with old friends and such, including a stopover at Dr. Heinous’ place. We amused ourselves by making fun of Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla. … Continue reading

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Fanservice Fiesta

This article sat in storage for about six months. It’s actual date should be May, 2008. Just because it was so close to completion, I decided to dust it off, and post it, as is. It was a mid-season comparison … Continue reading

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What the hell is with everybody and his sister fansubbing Kannagi and Toradora, but the only group doing Macademi Wasshoi hasn’t even gotten episode 2 out yet?

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D’frent Strokes

Dr. Heinous tells me that he’s enjoying Fate/Stay Night. Well, so did I…at the time. Me, I’m going to check out Toradora.

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Sekirei, ep. 12 quick notes

Ok, I’ve watched it myself. Arodouc is wrong; it’s not introducing new characters at the end; all of those have been shown before, most in that episode.* The problem is, there’s something like five different factions and groups being followed, … Continue reading

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As I Feared

I was shocked to discover last week that Sekirei was only a 12 episode series. Given that they used 5 episodes to introduce the 4 girls, I didn’t see any way that they could resolve the Sekirei War in less … Continue reading

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